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IsoMAP is an online workspace for spatial analysis, modeling and prediction of stable isotope ratio variation in the natural environment (isoscapes). IsoMAP consists of a suite of web-based GIS and software tools allowing users to easily explore, develop, and implement models for isotope distributions.

  • Data identification and processing are handled by ISOMAP and are transparent to the user.
  • Hierarchically structured toolkits provide functionality for model assessment, prediction (map-making), and data analysis for a variety of model and substrate types.
  • Users can conduct end-to-end data exploration and modeling within an online workspace, with automatic data and metadata curation and cross-toolkit integration.
  • Products are accessible for download and can be published to a shared workspace, enabling access by other users.

IsoMAP provides sophisticated tools for research and analysis but is designed with accessibility in mind. Our user community includes not only researchers with experience in isotope chemistry but also educators and individuals from outside of academia who could benefit from the educational and applied scientific uses of isoscapes.

Quick Guide for new IsoMAP users

Getting Started Video Tutorial

Learn more about Isoscapes:

"Isoscapes: Spatial pattern in isotopic biogeochemistry" (Bowen, 2010, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences)
"Isoscapes : Understanding movement, pattern, and process on Earth through isotope mapping" (ed., West, Bowen, Dawson, and Tu, 2010, Springer)
"Isoscapes to address large-scale Earth Science challenges" (Bowen et al., 2009, Eos).

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